Complete flexibility to filter, sort, and order data into the format and view you want to see.
Save as many "Views" of the data as you need. Views are made up of different filtering, sorting, and ordering options.
The system will attempt to auto-map the column headers. This can easily be changed.
User can select data format types for each column to ensure valid data. This can also be changed later.
Select unique identifier(s)
to match against when
updateing data.
Actions is the type of rule you are running to update the data. We have thought of every use case and add more for any use case you need!
Filters allow you to
specify which data you
want to update.
You can run the rule
immediately, test it, or save to be run later.
Export templates are made up of views and rules. Choose your view which determines the format of the csv export.
Add as many rules to the export template, which allows you to manipulate the data upon export for your external system (without changing the data in your database).
Rules Engine

Easily make changes to your data at scale.

Create as many views for your product info as needed.
Export Templates

Export data in any format to import into any 3rd party system.
Mapping Tables

Update colors or state abbreviations when exporting to a 3rd party system.
Spreadsheet Format

Allow for easy viewing and manipulation of the data.